Sep 2, 2016 - ITC's Sanjiv Puri sees maximum potential in consumer goods business

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Sree Vijaykumar
Sree Vijaykumar
From the Editor's Desk
One of the most striking things about the Camorra (Italy's foremost crime syndicate) is how good they are at business. The group runs much of Europe's drug trade, including the continent's largest open-air narcotics market in Secondigliano, in the north-east of Naples. The syndicate appears to be organised like a typical corporation, with descending levels of power. There is a top tier of senior managers who determine strategy and allocate resources; a second tier of middle managers who purchase and process the product; a third level of sales chiefs who co-ordinate distribution; and a fourth grade of street salesmen who deliver the product directly to customers. The group employs all the usual supply-chain-management methods. Its leaders source drugs from around the world (cocaine from Latin America, heroin from Afghanistan and hashish from north Africa) and make sure that alternatives are in place in case of disruption. Paolo Di Lauro, the former head of one of the most powerful clans, is arguably one of the most innovative businesspersons Italy has produced in recent years (since 2005 he has been held in solitary confinement in a maximum-security prison). As well as co-ordinating the drug trade with Colombia, he designed the group's successful franchise system, in which it treats distributors like franchisees who are responsible for their own turf rather than as mere employees. That gives them an incentive to recruit more people as well as to shift more product. They take care of the relatives of workers who die on the job. Gang members known in their role as the "submarine" deliver money and groceries to the bereaved families on Fridays. The group's efforts at corporate social responsibility (CSR) pay off. Local people invariably take the gangsters' side during police raids, forming human barricades, pelting law enforcers with rubbish and setting fire to their cars. More here

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CPI(M) Leader Sitaram Yechury's Son, 34, Dies Of COVID-19

CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury on Thursday said his elder son Ashish died of COVID-19 in the morning.

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24 die as oxygen tank leaks in Nashik hospital

'An ex-gratia of ₹5 lakh will be provided to kin of the deceased, said Chief Minister's Office.'Anguished by the loss of lives due to it,' says PM Modi

FMCG companies giving more importance to kiranas over Ecommerce

Grocery orders could not be placed from several PIN codes on Amazon Fresh on Tuesday and remained unavailable till Thursday.

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Indian basmati rice has stiff competition: Double Chabi Basmati Rice CMD

Set up in 1950 in Taraori, Haryana, it has grown exponentially from being a small-scale rice mill to having a global presence spanning five continents.

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Grofers CEO Says Lockdown Fears on Tuesday Drove Spike in Carts for Grocery Delivery

Grofers saw a significant spike in the creation of carts particularly at 8:45pm IST — the time when PM Modi started his address to the nation.

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FMCG players see spike in demand of hand sanitisers, disinfectants as COVID-19 cases surge

Companies such as ITC, Himalaya Drug Company and Patanjali said they have ramped up their production capacity to address spurt in demand, assuring that their hygiene products are available to the consumers.

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Sales of discretionary consumer goods dip up to 50 pc due to local lockdowns

Companies said even in states where there are no restrictions yet, footfall in stores have fallen since people are scared of catching the infection and several offices have gone back to work from home mode affecting out of home consumption.

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